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Alden's Kennels in Arlington Heights offers the best pet training and obediance school!

Arlington Heights residents love their dogs. Still, owning a dog can require certain adjustments. For instance, if the dog is a bit on the wild side, dog training is a must. On the other hand, whether their pet requires dog training or not, if the family goes on vacation, the issue at hand is dog boarding.

Arlington Heights pet owners know where to take their dogs for dog boarding - Aldens Kennels. Aldens provides dog boarding per excellence. What makes dog boarding at Aldens so exceptional? For starters, pet sitting at Aldens provides dogs with newly remodeled rooms. Each room has its own doggy door for inside/outside access.

No Kennel providing dog boarding can hold its head up if it doesn't provide fresh water, as well as tasty and healthy meals served on a timely basis. At Aldens, the dog care specialists keep the pens clean and the staples fresh and available. But, Aldens takes pet sitting several significant steps further.

Dog boarding should not be a prison sentence. Dog boarding at Aldens is an opportunity for dogs to have some fun and get out and about. Lucky pets receiving the Aldens dog boarding experience have a litany of amenities to make pet sitting dog gone fun. What amenities? Check out this list:

  • Nature walks in the beautiful natural setting on the southern boundary of Glacial Park Nature Preserve

  • Playing a game of tug with one of Aldens trained animal care specialists

  • Fetching one of Aldens special dog toys or one you've brought from home

  • Other playtime activaties (Aldens is interested in hearing what your do likes to do at home)

  • Grooming and baths

  • Transportation to and from spas and vet appointments

  • Special treats - including puppy approved ice cream

  • Dog diving lessons - yes, dogs who have stayed with us have learned the nuances of pier diving

  • Our unique Board & Train program

Dog training is another Aldens specialty. In fact, in the Midwest, Aldens is the leader in terms of providing the best possible dog training. The experts providing dog training at Aldens know their stuff having learned dog training at the top dog training schools in the country.

An Arlington Heights pet owner can bring their dog to Aldens for dog training with confidence. Arlington Heights residents can also come to Aldens for a wide variety of disciplines in dog training. Aldens offers the following types of dog training:

  • Schutzhund

  • Obedience

  • Agility

  • Rally

  • Search and Rescue

  • Scent Detection

  • Tracking

  • CGC

Dog training at Aldens is offered at puppy, beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Dog training is also offered in group and individual settings.

Some Arlington Heights residents have taken advantage of Aldens for a combination of dog training and pet sitting. Aldens Board & Train program is the perfect mix of dog training and dog boarding.

A pet owner drops their dog off for two weeks of pet sitting and dog training. When they return, a once irascible pet has become a refined lady or gentleman.

When a kennel is equally expert at dog boarding and dog training, it makes sense to mix the two. However, if all that's needed is dog boarding, Aldens is the premier choice. If someone wants to bring their pet for dog training, Aldens is still the best option.