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Advanced Professional Dog Training in Illinois

Dogs can understand up to 250 words and gestures, can count to five, and do simple math. Dogs are about as intelligent as a two-year-old human!

Tiger Woods use to stutter as a child and use to talk to his dog until he feel asleep at night in effort to get rid of it.

What kind of training will I need for my dog?

The answer to this is based on what your goals are with your pet. Are you looking to simply improve obedience or actually train them in a special skill such as hunting, guard dogs, or to perform some type of service. While some dogs need it more than others, every dog will benefit from our Illinois obedience training. From there you can decide how far and in-depth you would like the training to be.

How quickly can bad behavior be fixed in a dog?

There isn’t a set answer to this. Just like people, dogs have personalities with strengths and weaknesses. Some dogs catch on quickly while others can struggle. It also depends on their age and how long the bad habits have happening for. You most likely will start seeing positive results fairly quickly, but to truly change patterns of behavior can’t be rushed. This will take time and repetition.

How much does dog training cost in Chicago?

This is another question that’s answer greatly depends on your goals and each dog’s ability to learn. While every trainer’s fees vary, a good, in-depth training will likely be between $800 and $1,000. Before you enroll your dog in obedience training make sure that you are ready not only for the financial commitment, but also to put the time to help your pet achieve success.

How can I guarantee that dog training will last?

There are no true guarantees when you are working with a living animal that has their own personality. However, there are some things that can be done that will all but guarantee successful training will carry on. After lessons most trainers will give exercises to keep working with your dog on your own. This repetition is critical to keep improving the dog’s behavior. You also want to make sure to do every follow-up session that is recommended. Just like people whom are trying to change a behavior, dogs can easily revert back without continued practice and reinforcement.

Are some dogs not trainable?

Very, very few dogs are truly unable to be trained. As previously mentioned, some dogs will have personalities and characteristics that will make it far more challenging, but this can usually be overcome with patience and persistence.

What methods are used for training?

Every dog Illinois trainer uses their own unique style for training. There are certainly specific programs or methods that serve as a foundation, but great trainers are always looking for ways to improve their techniques. One popular method is to “board and train” your dog. As the name implies, this program is based on you leaving your dog while they go through obedience lessons. Most of the time this method utilizes daily sessions for two to three weeks. To help ensure success it’s best to do some sort of follow up lesson.

Some Chicago schools are taking this even one step further. They are offering a holistic program combined with the “board and train” program. This program builds on basic methods by also featuring a holistic veterinary exam and diet modifications. This cutting-edge program has shown tremendous results for misbehaved dogs.