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For McHenry and Lake County pet owners looking for a way to have fun with their dogs, agility training is quite possibly the ticket. The bond between dog and owner grows stronger in agility class. The dog's obedience skills are also enhanced with this type of pet training. And, for those who enjoy competition, it's a great way to test themselves against others.

Aldens Kennels, 6810 Barnard Mill Road, Ringwood, is starting a new agility class. There are a few spots open yet. Those interested in testing the waters of agility training should call (815) 728-0559

In agility class, dogs learn to overcome an obstacle course. But, it's not enough to simply complete the course. True success in agility class comes when the team of dog and owner can knock off every unnecessary second from the time it takes to complete the course.

That's why teamwork is so essential to agility training. It's a type of pet training where, not only does the dog need to hone its skills, but so does the handler. They need to work together until one always knows what the other is doing and what is required.

In agility training, a handler must direct their dog through the obstacle course. However, they're penalized if they use verbal obedience commands during the process. That's why the repetition of agility class is so essential. Unless dog and owner have their non-verbal communication skills connected, they don't stand a chance.

A dog and handler that haven't spent time in agility class will find the competition frustrating. Those who have spent time in agility class come to look upon the time in agility training and agility competitions as a lot of fun rather than work.

Of course, not everyone takes an agility class with their dog in hopes of entering agility competitions. Some McHenry and Lake County pet owners sign up for agility training just they and their dog can have some fun. Or maybe they've recognized the value this type of pet training offers in terms of increasing their dog's obedience.

Whatever the reason for signing up for agility training, one thing is certain - there's never a dull moment. Agility training keeps dog and handler on their toes.

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