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Alden's Kennels Pampered Dog Boarding Serving Gurnee, IL.

Getting the right Boarding in Gurnee for your dog can be a challenge. Our Pet Sitting experts have all the Training they need to properly care for your dog.

Give your pet the best training at our obedience school in gurnee. Call us today! 

A lot of people are drawn to Gurnee for vacation. For those living in Gurnee, going to Six Flags is less extraordinary. Vacation means going somewhere else. And, for Gurnee pet owners, the overwhelming solution for dog boarding is Aldens Kennels. A short drive west, Aldens is on the way to many vacation destinations for Gurnee residents.

Why is Aldens No. 1 in pet sitting among Gurnee dog owners? The answer is simple; Aldens offers the best and fullest dog boarding experience in the Midwest. Dog boarding at Aldens is the best because of their qualified and experienced pet-care specialists.

At Aldens, K9 guests have constant access to fresh water and timely access to healthy meals. Rooms are newly remodeled and kept consistently clean. Each room has an individual doggy door with access to the dog boarding veranda outside. Outdoors has shade and indoors has 4-Star climate control for a dog boarding experience on par with a plush resort.

Quality pet sitting, however, doesn't just mean the staples; it also means variety. What's a dog boarding vacation without something to do? At Aldens, dogs have a wide variety of options to keep them engaged during their pet sitting experience. These include:

At Aldens Kennels, the pet sitting opportunity is enhanced with recently remodeled pens and runs. Dogs have inside/outside access with shade outside and heating and air conditioning inside.
While offering the best possible dog boarding experience, Aldens highly trained staff keeps pens clean, water fresh and provides meals on schedule prepared the way our guests are accustomed to at home.
Dog boarding at Aldens kennels is tedium free for our guests due to a wide arrange of available activities starting with nature walks on the boundary of Glacial Park Nature Preserve.
Aldens mixes pet sitting with fun by offering play time to our guests with games such as tug, fetch and other doggy favorites.
Special treats, including puppy approved ice cream are available during your dogs pet sitting experience.
When dog boarding and dog appointments intersect, Aldens offers transportation to and from doggy spa and veterinarian appointments.

Aldens also offers a mix of dog boarding and dog training. When combining pet sitting and dog training, Aldens offers two options:

Board & Train: Board & Train is a dog boarding and dog training combination that is equivalent to an intercession college course. After two weeks of dog training with Aldens certified trainers, once unruly and incorrigible pets are transformed into refined ladies and gentlemen.

Doggy Day Camp: another pet sitting and dog training combo offered at Aldens is Doggy Day Camp. Dog training is in this option is less intense than with Board & Train. The focus of this dog training is on fun. Short dog training sessions are interspersed with playtime and rest. Dogs still learn but in a more relaxed atmosphere.

Aldens is renowned for the quality dog training it provides. Quality dog training starts with quality dog trainers. Aldens dog training is in the caring hands of certified trainers who learned their trade at the top dog training schools in the country.

Dog training is offered at puppy, beginner, intermediate and advanced levels; in group and private lessons. Additionally, Aldens offers virtually any type of dog training, including:

  • Schutzhund
  • Obedience
  • Agility
  • Rally
  • Search and Rescue
  • Scent Detection
  • Tracking
  • CGC

Whether a Gurnee pet owner is looking for dog training or dog boarding, they can't do better than Aldens Kennels.