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Give your Dog a Boarding experience that is like home.

Our Pet Sitting services are available in the Waukegan, Mundelein and West Allis areas, and all care is provided by Professional Dog Trainers. Training also available.  

At Aldens Kennels, they know that dog boarding at a kennel is a traumatic experience for dogs, as well as for Waukegan, Mundelein and West Allis dog owners who may worry about their pets instead of fully enjoying themselves on vacation. Dog boarding at Aldens, with their professional dog trainers, is available for dog owners in the Waukegan, Mundelein and West Allis areas with a focus on providing home-away-from-home experiences.

Pet sitting should not involve 24 hours of looking at the world from the confines of the same small pen. Dog boarding at Aldens has everything traditional pet sitting services have always lacked. One thing pet sitting at Aldens lacks is the trauma of time away from home that other kennels offer.

To achieve this - to alleviate dogs of the anxiety they feel when left in a kennel for dog boarding - Aldens has created the ultimate dog boarding services. This includes:

  • Nature walks on the southern boundary of beautiful Glacial Park Nature Preserve

  • Playtime with our expert animal care specialists

  • Transportation to and from spa and veterinarian appointments (Don't have a favorite hair stylist for your dog. We work with some of the best and can arrange and facilitate the entire pampering experience for your dog)

  • Grooming and Baths in our own facility

  • Soft music at night to help our guests sleep after busy days

  • Dog training

Dogs that are busy all day don't have time to worry during their pet sitting experience. Dogs that stay at Aldens for pet sitting sleep well at night. All the expended energy during the day tends to make them tired.

Just as dog training is offered as a way to engage dogs who are at Aldens for pet sitting, dog training is available for Waukegan, Mundelein and West Allis areas dogs not staying for dog boarding.

Aldens Kennels offers the Midwest's premier dog training services. The expert dog trainers at Aldens make dog training rewarding for dogs and dog owners. Some dogs have a little of the wild beast in them. With some expert dog training at Aldens, dogs and owners develop some control over the mayhem. This dog training, however, does not rob a dog of an active spirit.

Additionally, Aldens offers a full array of dog training services. Most of the dog training are offered at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Dog training classes include:

  • Schutzhund

  • Obedience

  • Agility

  • Rally

  • Search and Rescue

  • Scent Detection

  • Tracking

  • CGC

Whether a Waukegan, Mundelein or West Allis dog owner is looking for dog training or dog boarding, Aldens has the expert dog trainers pet owners are looking for.

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