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Obedience Coach


Dog owners can’t imagine life without their beloved companions. They love their loyalty and companionship so much that they are willing to put up with poor behavior. Things such as barking, digging, chewing, and jumping on people are all passed off as side effects of dog ownership. It doesn’t have to be this way. Teaching a dog obedience can save the owner stress while allowing the dog to be able to participate in more activities.

Alden’s Kennels offers the best obedience coaches in the state. We are happy to work with your busy schedule. Alden’s Kennels is one of the premier obedience schools, so we only invest in highly experienced staff.



A program for your skill level

Some of our programs include beginner's, intermediate, and advanced obedience, rally, and many more. We truly value methods that are humane, kind, gentle and effective.

Our coaches will help to strengthen the bond between a dog and his/her owner. At Alden’s Kennels, we truly have a passion for dogs and will treat your pet as if it were our own. With that in mind, we know that an obedient dog can benefit everyone.

A more obedient dog can be safer and help reduce anxiety for pet owners. We can help your dog to listen to voice commands and learn hand signals that can prevent any serious injuries or accidents. Our staff will establish a good relationship with your dog so they can learn how to be responsive to these voice commands or signals.

Advanced training programs

If you and your pet have already mastered typical obedience, we have prepared a number of more in-depth, specialized courses. Alden's Kennels features a wide range of specialty AKC and other obedience classes.

Everything from show performance to sporting competitions is available. Contact us for more information on all the different classes that are available.

Mary Baque | Dog Trainer

Hello, my name is Mary Baque!

I was born and raised on the North Shore of the Chicago suburbs, in a large family of six. The area at that time was very rural. My neighbors were raising horses, goats, rabbits, and a donkey named Jackie. As a child through young adulthood, my neighbors would ask me to train and care for their animals and dogs. Working with dogs and a host of other animals of my own just came naturally.

As a young adult, I chose a career in education; my career entailed Director of Marketing and Sales in a large corporate day care center. I furthered my career by working in a hospital ER for many years, which has prepared me for any situation that may arise.

After getting married to my husband Al and starting my family, I still couldn't live without a dog of my own. I purchased Speckles, a beautiful German Shorthaired Pointer pup. Her breeder was a top obedience trainer at the time, and there was no way I could have one of her pups and not come to training class! Little did I know what A WONDERFUL path this would take me on.

Since that time, I’ve been active in AKC obedience, field training, confirmation and showing dogs. I have taught obedience from beginner to advanced levels. I have bred dogs and trained them to achieve Grand Champion show titles in the confirmation ring, obedience titles, field titles agility and nose work, all while being owner-handled.

My passion is training you to have a wonderful companion. It is possible for all dogs with consistent, loving training to have a wonderful, happy life with you and your family. The possibilities are achievable and endless.

I am looking forward to meeting you and your dog and working together!