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New Classes Start Monday July 23rd 2018
Beginners Obedience at 6pm
Intermediate Novice AKC Obedience at 7pm
AKC Conformation Practice every Tuesday at Noon
Wednesday 7/25/18- 6pm AKC Rally 7pm CGC & TDI

Today, many individuals have found that having a well-trained pet contributes to a happier lifestyle for their family. Professional dog training reduces the stress of pet ownership and promotes a strong relationship. Unfortunately, for many, teaching your best friend obedience is a frustrating and daunting task. Here at our center for professional dog training in Chicago, Illinois, we want to reduce the stress with our easy to follow instruction programs.

One of the unique aspects of our pet obedience facility is the wide variety of programs we offer. We realize that each individual is unique, man's best friend included. Therefore, we tailor our various professional programs to your best friend's needs. Currently, we offer private courses, group training, and boarding programs.

Professional Obedience Training in Illinois for Pets of Any Experience Level

The ideal time for professional pet training to begin is when your puppy is between 8-12 weeks. This is an impressionable time when the dog hasn’t developed any bad habits. Yet, most owners wait until after their best friend has grown far past this stage and is out of control. Here at Alden’s Kennels’ center for pet training in Chicago, we advise you to start obedience instruction early with your best friend. However, we also believe that an old dog can still learn new tricks. Our professional pet training staff is ready to work with any skill or behavioral level. Feel free to call us for a free evaluation, where we can diagnose your dog's level of obedience and address specific problems. Currently, we offer beginning, intermediate, and advanced instruction classes. In these classes, your pet will be taught using positive reinforcement. Our expert trainers will also help teach the skills necessary for obedience and to become well socialized.

Dog Training in Chicago that Works With Your Schedule

Our center for pet training in Illinois realizes that balancing a busy schedule and trying to train a dog can be a daunting task. As a result, we have created a unique boarding instruction program. With this instruction program, your pet stays at our accommodations while receiving a professional two-week behavioral instruction. After the first week, our staff will send you a video so you can witness your pet’s progress. At the end of the two weeks, we will show you how to maintain what your dog learned during its stay.

In all our pet training programs, our goal is to give owners the tools to help their dog keep up positive skills and behaviors. To achieve this, we not only teach the dogs but also instruct the owners how to implement an effective pet obedience program after leaving.

For more information on dog training in the Chicago, Illinois area, contact us at 815-728-0559.