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4 Ways to Reduce Your Dog’s Stress For the Holidays

Create a Safe Space for Your dog 

Temptation is everywhere for a dog during the holidays. Platters of food are left on the dinner table, and the smell is intoxicating, especially for a dog's nose. Distractions are tempting, but by making a space for your dog to decompress and relax, you can have more control over the situation. In addition, you'll have an easier time managing your dog's behavior when you take the time to relax with your dog. Tip: give your dog space and time to decompress before they get too excited. Putting your dog's needs first is not shameful. 

Below is a list of items you can use to create a safe space for your dog:

  • Dog's bed or crate 
  • Puzzle toys, which help train their brain 


Keep Your Dogs Routine

Holidays are stressful and very busy, but they thrive on routine. Try to keep your dog's routine as much as possible when traveling. Keep your daily walks and feedings as consistent as possible. Pack your dog's supplies! 

Below is a list to help you prepare:

  • Dog food 
  • Dog bowls 
  • Dog treats 
  • Dog toys 
  • Dog crate 
  • Dog bed 

Tag Team Dog Duty

A dog or puppy can easily get into trouble when left alone. They are curious little fur balls and love to find a way to entertain themselves. So close your bathroom doors if your dog is known to pull tissue off the roll or drink water from the toilet bowl. Put away shoes if your pup enjoys chewing, and give them a chew toy instead. If you're going to a family party where other dogs will be present, familiarize yourself with the area. Identify your exits and the patio access, and determine if the backyard is fenced in. Never assume that someone is watching your dog or the dogs, and don't leave a pair of dogs alone on their first encounter. Anything could happen without supervision. 

outline of dog 

Be Prepared for Emergencies

Unfortunately, accidents happen to the best of us. Although dogs are "man's best friend," they are animals. Animals have instincts and will react when they deem a reaction necessary. Therefore, it's important to prepare yourself for the unexpected, such as your dog eating chicken bones or biting your 2-year-old niece who enjoys yanking on Rover's tail. Rover is not responsible for any of this. YOU ARE. It's our job as dog owners to care for and protect our animals; as such, it is our responsibility if an accident occurs. 

It’s important to be prepared for accidents. Below are a few tips to help you prepare for the holidays:

  1. Find your closest vet emergency clinic. Preferably 24/7. 
  2. Canine CPR Certification. Although most people know CPR for humans, not many know how to perform the lifesaving technique on dogs. 

Donate to Your Local Animal Shelter

In the spirit of giving, we encourage you to donate your time, money, or resources to your local animal shelter. Cats and dogs quickly fill the available spots at shelters during the holidays. They quickly run out of kibble, toys, litter, and wet food. If you can, donate new items to the shelter. NOT YOUR OLD FOOD. Just because they ask for help from their community does not mean they should receive old, likely expired food and resources. They are worth full-priced items too.