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Our Beginners Dog Obedience Classes have a lot to offer, join us now & have fun learning with your pet! 6 wk classes $150.00
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Does your dog ever frustrate you with his or her behavior?
Are you tired of asking for something or pointing over and over to get no results? It has been said that the definition of insanity is taking the same approach over and over again, and trying to attain a different result.

Let us help you by using a proven method of obedience training to get a different result. Our beginner’s classes involve basic commands for important day-to-day functions. Your dog will be obedient and helpful after taking this class.

We cover the basic sit, stay, down, come, and heeling at your side. All the ground work commands are done on leash, verbily, along with hand signals right from the start to get you and your pet in tune with body language.

We work the entire hour to help your pet with learning by repetition and watching you be consitent with the exercise, so practice will be fun at home. The social part of the class is exposer to men, women, the other dogs and how your pet responds to it. We do some everyday on the street encounters so you see how your pet responds. We can then help you if your pet needs some extra tips in this area.

Please give us a call today to learn about class times and availability.