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Dog Training & Obedience Classes at Alden's Kennels

Each of our obedience classes are offered over 6 weeks and cost $180.

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Beginners Obedience Course and Puppy Training

The beginner course is a puppy training class to help young dogs learn the foundation of skills that will make them the best companions for life. This starts at the very beginning with walking on a leash and includes the most common and useful commands, like sit, stay, wait, and come. Another important part of the course is an opportunity to socialize your young dog with other dogs and humans, which helps them learn how to interact with strangers safely.

Intermediate Obedience Course

The intermediate dog training course offered at Alden’s Kennels follows up with the simple commands and on-leash proficiency you learned in the Beginners Obedience Course with more advanced commands and transitions to off-leash. The main goal is to build confidence in both trainers and pets, and continue to add to what you learned in the Beginners class.

Many of the dogs in our Intermediate class are in the “teenage” stage of development, which can be challenging for some dog owners. All of our classes begin with a Q&A segment that allows you to get feedback on what you’re going through, and learn from other dog owners as well as from our certified trainers.

Advanced Obedience Course

The Advanced dog training class we offer is designed for owners who want to take their dogs’ skills beyond those of most family pets. This can be people looking to improve their scores in formal competitions, but it is also suitable for those that just want their dog to be the best they can be. In addition to AKC Open Pattern and the advanced commands we teach, this course also includes training on therapy dog requirements like introduction to wheelchairs, walkers and crutches. We feel this benefits all dogs, not just those that work actively in hospitals or other therapy capacities.

All training in the Advanced class is off-leash. You can enroll for this course after passing a free evaluation with one of our trainers, and it is open to anyone who qualifies. You don’t have to take our Beginners and Intermediate courses at Alden’s Kennels, but we offer a discount to those who do.