July 1st. 2017  Rates

Boarding Rates (per day) TWO DAY Minimum Charge Boarding while Training

0-50 pounds - $28

50-100 pounds - $30

101 pounds and over - $35

Nature Walk $5.00

Play Time $5.00

Ultimate Vacation packages $25

Board & Train $975.00 per wk.

Group Classes 6 wks. $150.00

Private Lessons $75. Hr.

Single Lessons $35. (during stay)

Treadmill $25.

Cats $25

Office Hours: 
Monday - Friday 9AM-6PM
Saturday - 9AM-3PM
Sunday - 11AM-3PM


Added Fee $40.00 for pickup and dropoff before & after hours.

We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover and Checks

Contact Us (815) 728-0559

At Alden's Kennels, we take the boredom out of dog boarding and training near Chicago, Illinois!

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Often times dog owners will go on vacation forgetting that their best friend is at home missing out on individual attention and care. At Aldens Kennels, our goal is to provide your pet with a boarding experience unlike any other. For local customers in the Chicago, Illinois area we offer free pick up and drop off for spa treatments, grooming, vet, and day care services. This is the best time to also have your pet trainined.

Our state of the art pet hotels feature newly remodeled cedar style kennels with a stainless steel doggy door so you dog can travel to an outdoor enclosure with an overhang to protect from the elements. Our Pet guests have 50" High Definition TV's playing 24 hours a day at a low soothing volume to make it as comfortable and entertaining at the same time. We use positive reinforcement while enrolled in the boarding and training program to help create a healthy pattern for training. 

Cats can stay in luxury as our Illinois training facility is equipped with tri-level pet hotels that feature room for privacy, feeding, toys and more. Our hotels for cats offer the option for your pet to view their favorite DVD’s or other programs on LCD TV’s located on the outside of the top two floors of each of our cat hotels.

Our professional staff work diligently to ensure your pet will be as comfortable as possible while in our hotels. Your pet will never sleep uncomfortably as our floors have radiant heat to help maintain a perfect climate year-round for all our guests.

While your best friend is staying in our pet hotels, we provide many activities to ensure they are not only comfortable but entertained and happy. Our Chicago area facility is located on the border of Glacier National Park which provides ample outdoor activities for your pet to take part in while boarding with us. Your pet can enjoy training, playtime, nature walks and more while you are away.

Come visit your pet’s home away from home, you can visit and see our boarding and training programs in action during our regular business hours. No appointment is necessary.

Pets are required to have the following shots before engaging Aldens Kennels: Rabies, Parvo/Distemper, Kennel Cough