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Plan Some Play Time for Your Pet!

Alden's Kennels has your pets interest in mind, with intertainment and excerise to give your pet the vacation they deserve. Plan a Play Time break in the middle of the day! Play Time serves as an energy release and break from a long day. You can send your pet with it's favorite toy from home, or we provide a box of toys your pet can pick from. Play Time at Alden's Kennels with Alden himself helps bond with your pet while at this resort, enjoying running, tug-of-war, frisbee, tennis ball toss, or picking out a favorite squeek toy, in the 6,000 square foot training hall. Play Time is scheduled at 20 minute segments for the low fee of $5.00 per session.

Play Time at Alden's Kennels is for one pet at a time, unless you have multiple pets at our facility and you designate Play Time together.
No one needs to go with out a Play Time just because they don't play well with others.

Group Play Time is offered on our field trips to Camp Bow Wow, near by. Hours are Monday thru Friday from 1:30pm to 6:00pm live video cam, all for the low fee of $15.00 a session. Your pet must be interviewed by appointment by Camp Bow Wow to be accepted to this vacation package. Call us if you need more information. 815 728-0559