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Board & Train Program

Are you going on a long vacation without your dog? Are you feeling overwhelmed by their behavior? Do you struggle to find the free time to train your best friend? Let us do the hard work for you! We offer a boarding and training program where we board your dog with spacious accommodations and give them daily instruction. Your pet will be trained throughout the day in a variety of settings. Through the Board and Train program, your dog will learn all the basic obedience skills, while also receiving training to address any behavioral issues.

Before enrolling in this program, you will speak directly with a trainer to be sure we are focusing on your dog's particular needs. The Board and Train program can last anywhere from one week to as many as your dog needs to achieve your goals.

Get Concrete Results from Training

After completion of the program, your dog will be ready to come home with you. But first, a 60-minute mandatory “go home” lesson will teach you all about their new training. In this special lesson, you will be shown your dog’s finished obedience and you will be taught the respective handling skills needed to maintain your dog’s new abilities. We insist on this step because you need to know how to practice their new obedience skills, or they will forget what they’ve learned and go back to their old bad habits.




Coaching Program

New Extra: Board & Train + Holistic Veterinary & Dietary Exam

We also offer a new addition to the boarding and coaching program, making this our best and most comprehensive training plan. In partnership with a local veterinarian and dietary specialist, we now offer a holistic veterinary exam and diet modifications as a supplement to our regular boarding and coaching program. The holistic veterinary exam is used to prescribe the most effective natural diet for your dog.  We know that the best possible results often come from understanding the link between food, behavior, and obedience. Herbal supplements may also be recommended to help with unhealthy behavior like hyperactivity or aggression.

Why choose us?

Our mission at Alden’s Kennels is to instruct each owner and family member on how to maintain and develop a positive and trusting relationship with their dog through training.

Let us share with your our lifetime’s worth of effective motivational methods so that you and your dog can enjoy and maintain a life-long happy, successful relationship.