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Welcome to Alden's Kennels
Your Best Friend's Home Away from Home

Aldens Kennels is located in Ringwood, Illinois, near Chicago on the border of Glacial Natural Park in the heart of McHenry County.

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Group Training Schedule

New Classes Start  2/17/20 AKC Star Puppy 6 pm
Beginner Obedience   7pm AKC Conformation Class every Tues at Noon  2/19/20  6 pm AKC Rally Class 7-8 pm AKC CGC & TDI 2/20/20 Intermediate Obedience 6- 7 pm Advanced Obedience 7-8 pm


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Will my pet enjoy his or her stay at your dog kennels?

We have served dogs and cats from all walks of life in the McHenry County area; from professional basketball players to doctors and welders. The secret behind our pet boarding success and the beauty of our dog kennels is our desire to treat the animals as we like being treated.

For over 25 years Aldens Kennels has provided excellent professional dog and pet boarding and training in the McHenry area and throughout Northern Illinois.

When my pet returns home from your professional boarding handlers, will he or she be in good spirits?

During your dog’s stay at our facility, they will receive the utmost care and attention. However, depending on the drive time back to Chicago or rural areas of Illinois, your pet may experience some nervousness. That said, when you see the dog at our kennels, you might be jealous of how much fun your pet is having on vacation as opposed to how your vacation has turned out. So, as long as your pet is not bothered by the drive back home, we can assure you that they will be happy upon returning to the family. When you bring your pet to Alden’s Kennels for care, you are bringing him or her to a group of people who share your love of animals. Feel free to call us for a tour or explore our virtual tour on Google Maps.

Here are some of the features we offer that are popular with pet owners:

  • Dogs get to watch a 50-inch big screen TV.
  • They can come and go as they please through a private entrance (supervised).
  • There is a veranda from which the animals can admire the view.
  • The property is in a country setting near glacial parks.
  • 16 security cameras record the property 24-7.
  • There are 12 acres of land for the animals to enjoy under supervision.
  • The owners live in a home on the property near the kennels.
  • We are open 7 days a week.
    The facility is staffed by award-winning animal trainers and kennel managers.

Do your dog kennels have plenty of space for boarding, cleaning, and feeding?

We purchased a significant parcel of property in McHenry County for the purpose of boarding many pets throughout the Chicago area, Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. This question is an excellent way to determine whether a dog kennel complex has invested the money needed to care for your pets in the right manner. While we have plenty of space for all types of breeds; our team takes pride in cleanliness, the safe housing of animals, and only takes actions that will improve the mental health of the pets for which we care. Bring your dog down to our property, and see for yourself how much he or she enjoys all of our fun toys and play areas.

How professional are your employees, and what is the boarding experience like for pets?

Every employee is screened in a background check and trained to handle each pet with care. The staff at our dog kennels is selected from empathetic and intelligent professionals in the Chicago area. As such, the pet boarding experience at Alden’s Kennels is one of respect and delight for all of our furry tenants.