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Alden’s Kennels Inc. Training Service General Waiver and Release of Liability and Assumption of Risk

Notice & Instructions: Alden’s Kennel Inc. Training Service requires all clients who in/end to participate in our programs and activities to sign this General Wavier and Release of Liability and Assumption of Risk form prior to participation. Please read this form carefully and sign and provide the information requested below. Return this signed form to Alden’s Kennels Inc. 6810 Barnard Mill Rd., Ringwood, IL. 60072-9638, prior to the start of your training program.

General Wavier & Release of Liability
To Alden’s Kennels Inc. Training Service, and each of your officers, directors, shareholders, agents, employees, servants, trainers, instructors, and volunteers: In consideration of being admitted into and permitted to participate in the Alden’s Kennels Inc. Training Service and to enter into and upon the premises of Alden’s Kennels Inc. Training Services. 1 hereby waive and general release and discharge Alden’s Kennels Inc. Training Service and each of your officers, directors, shareholders, agents, servants, trainers, instructors, and volunteers, jointly or severally, individually or collectively, from any and all claims, action, proceedings, for losses, damages, injury to person or property death, or loss of property, of any kind or character, known or unknown, fixed or contingent, which I, my heirs, survivors or representatives, may have now or which may arise at any time in the future by reason of my injury, illness death or loss of or damage to property caused by or arising directly or indirectly out of any activity related to Alden’s Kennels Inc., Training Service, or related equipment, facilities, or activities, which I expressly intend to include dogs, and dog training, instructions, and activities. Further, I hereby agree to hold each and all of you harmless from any and all such claims, demands, suits, proceedings and or liabilities made on my behalf or in my name.

Assumption of Risk
I understand and acknowledge that I will participate in dog training programs and instructions and that dogs will in, on or around the premises and that such involve inherent known and unknown risks to my person and property. I hereby knowingly and voluntarily accept all the known, unknown and potential risks and dangers of my participation in dog training programs and instructions and being involved with and in proximity of dogs which may or may not belong to me. 
The foregoing shall not be binding in the event that such injury, damage or liability, or damage to or loss of property is directly due to the negligence of Alden’s Kennels Inc., Training Service.
I further agree to abide by all rules, Regulation, requests and instructions of Alden’s Kennels Inc. Training Service personnel relating to my safety and the safety of others. I understand that in the event of accident or injury to me, personal judgement may be required of Alden’s Kennels Inc., Training Service, personnel regarding what actions should or should not be taken on my behalf and consent to their reasonable exercise of judgement in the circumstances. I further acknowledge that Alden’s Kennels Inc., Training Service and its personnel may not legally owe me a duty to take any action on my behalf I also understand that it is my personal responsibility to obtain and maintain my own medical insurance in advance, if desired, and to take in to account my personal health, medical and physical condition before participating in any program or activity.
I acknowledge that I have read and fully understand this document. I further acknowledge that I am accepting these personal risks and conditions of my own free will and for valuable consideration.

 *In Kennel Training * Group Beginners-Intermediate Classes *Agility Classes* “Private Lessons * Trick Training & Novice Rally * Therapy Classes & CGC

Alden’s Kennel’s agrees to perform the required training and to endeavor to bring the above animal and owner to the desired level of training.
If in group classes, if in the opinion of the instructor, the owner is not maintaining the same level of achievement as the rest of the class, he/she may be placed in the class commensurate with his/her level of achievement. And further that is in the opinion of the instructor that the owner is not making appropriate effort to work with his/her dog as instructed, he/she may be expelled for the class/training. The owner recognized that upon enrolling in private or home lessons, owner must complete these lessons three (3) months after enrollment date. If this does not occur, owner forfeits all remaining lessons.
The owner recognizes that dog training is a sport and such injuries can and do occur and that the owner recognizes that Alden’s Kennel’s are not responsible for any of the possible injuries resulting from said training to the owner or canine enrolled.
That is full recognition of the above; owner agrees and understands that the fee arrangement listed below is are flection of the time expected by Alden’s Kennel’s and not a reflection of goal attainment during said training.

Owner agrees to pay unto Alden’s Kennel’s the total sum for the listed training. Owner agrees and understands that total amount is due in advance of the training and remains non-refundable if training is terminated at the owner’s option.

By sumbmitting this document you have read and understand the term of the above and agree to be bound by them.