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Alden's Kennels offers the best cat boarding in the Chicago, Illinois area.
When you hire us as your cat or kitten sitter, you'll know that your feline will receive the utmost care.

Premier cat and kitten boarding; our "cat sitter" will spoil your Chicago, Illinois feline with great care and exercise.

Your cat or kitten has never been more spoiled than when receiving care from our Chicago, Illinois cat sitter. Our cat and kitten boarding service is the best in the state, and even in areas surrounding Illinois. The cat boarding house or "Cat Condos" as we like to call them are spacious and friendly. Further our cat sitter gives each kitten or cat the time that they need for exercise and play.

Kitten and Cat boarding for long trips; our cat sitter will ensure happiness.

Cat toys and exercise programs run by our sitter; kitten safe activities to enhance the boarding stay.

One important aspect of our cat boarding is the care that we can offer to a kitten. The cat sitter is careful to ensure that your kitten has a pleasant experience in our cat boarding house. You simply won't find better care for your cat or kitten in the Chicago, Illinois area.

*Disclaimer: Alden's Kennels cat boarding services in the Chicago, Illinois area and cat sitter services are for predefined periods of time. We recommend keeping a credit card on file for your cat or kitten boarding services in the event your absence is extended. You agree to contact our cat sitter if travel plans change and your absence from the Chicago, Illinois area is going to be prolonged so that we can provide effective cat boarding services for that duration. Our cat sitter will not allow any mistreatment of your cat or kitten during their boarding period with Alden's Kennels.