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Ritzy Resort-like Stays for Chicago, IL Dogs

At Alden Kennels, we do more than just put a bowl of water and some chow in front of your pup when you go on vacation. For Chicago, Illinois residents everywhere, Alden Kennels has been the absolute best provider of top quality dog boarding in the Chicago, Illinois areas as well as pet training. We will bend over backwards for our clients and their fuzzy friends in order to meet any demand or request that they might have with our dog boarding programs

At our Chicago, Illinois area facilities specifically for dog boarding and pet training in Chicago, your pooches get as pampered as Cinderella did for her ball. The dogs are fed only excellent quality food, made from ingredients that would make the pickiest of dog lovers smile. Like all other social beings, dogs need the chance to socialize and play with other dogs! At Alden Kennels' dog boarding in Chicago, each and every pup gets all the socializing time that they need. They might even return home with more friends than you have yourself!

Aldens Kennels in the Chicago, Illinois area- making your puppies polite with our dog boarding classes

Likewise, our pet training in Illinois is built on that concept of putting our best foot out for your pets. We gently- but firmly- sculpt their mannerisms so that they are still as lively and adorable as ever, but more well behaved. Everyone loves a dog that can sit, bark, lie down, or roll over on command. This can be your dog before you know it when you choose the pet training in Illinois that Alden Kennels is so well known for!

You will learn how to apply the commands learned in our pet training in Illinois as the dog owner. It's one thing for a puppy to learn how to speak on command, or to wait at doors until called, but it's equally as important for the owners to utilize these commands on a daily basis in their home setting. At our Alden Kennels pet training and dog boarding in Illinois, we teach both you and your little friend so that it's not only a joint learning experience then but also it will benefit you both in the long run.

Only the best for your favorite furry friends in dog boarding and pet training

We're proud of our Chicago facilities, made especially for dog boarding and pet training in Chicago, Illinois areas. The next time you have to go out of town for a few days or take a vacation, choose Alden Kennels to watch out for your best furry friend.  We promise that they'll be in the best hands possible.