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School is out and vacation locations await the arrival of travelers ready to enjoy the sun and fun of that traditional time of year when work takes a backseat to escape. For those Milwaukee, Glenview, and Oak Creek residents who require a place to leave the family pet for dog boarding before they can join the exodus to favorite tourist destinations, Aldens Kennels is the premier pet sitting alternative.

Aldens knows how important it is for folks to get away for a little while. While dog owners recharge their batteries, Aldens provides a K9 version of a dog boarding vacation. When dog boarding involves nothing more than a pen, water and an irregular diet, dogs suffer. Aldens knows that a lot more goes into quality pet sitting services.

At Aldens, dog boarding starts with a room that is kept clean. People don’t leave their dogs to roll around in their business at home. Aldens doesn’t believe pet sitting should be any different. They also know how important it is that a dog has access to fresh water at all times. Aldens serves meals they dogs are used to at home.

In terms of the rooms, dog boarding at Aldens provides dogs with a newly remodeled room that has its own doggy door for indoor/outdoor access. Outside, the dogs have shade and inside they have 4-Star climate control. This makes for dogs that are as comfortable while enjoying Aldens pet sitting experience as their owners are out on the beach in a faraway destination.

Dog boarding is synonymous with boredom at many kennels. Not at Aldens. At Aldens, pet sitting involves a banquet of activities to keep dogs engaged. These include:

  • Nature walks here on the border of Glacial Park Nature Preserve
  • Playtime with our qualified animal care specialists
  • Specialty treats, including puppy approved ice cream
  • Transportation to and from veterinarian and spa appointments
  • Grooming/baths
  • Soft music at night to help our guests sleep after busy days 

The nature walks at Aldens make dog boarding at Aldens a special treat for pets. Located on the boundary of Glacial Park Nature Preserve, a pet sitting walk at Aldens allows dogs to commune with nature as they often haven’t done in years. Wild turkeys are frequently seen to the delight of pets from Milwaukee, Glenview, and Oak Creek during their dog boarding experience.

Another way to keep dogs engaged while at Aldens for pet sitting is to combine dog boarding with a little dog training. Aldens Board & Train program is a special treat while dogs are with the kennel for pet sitting.

With Board & Train, dog owners drop off their dogs for a couple of weeks of dog training. While the dog learns better behavior, he or she also enjoys a vacation-like stay in Aldens deluxe dog boarding environment. And, when the owner returns, their dog has transformed from loveable but uncontrollable to a refined lady or gentleman, though just as loveable as before – maybe even more.

Aldens also offers dog training without the pet sitting. Dog training is offered in private or group settings and at puppy, beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Aldens offers dog training in the following disciplines:

  • Schutzhund
  • Obedience
  • Agility
  • Rally
  • Search and Rescue
  • Scent Detection
  • Tracking
  • CGC

With the world-class trainers at Aldens, trainers who received their education at the top dog training schools in the country, the outcome is a foregone conclusion; dog training at Aldens is a sure-fire way to train dogs. Whether a dog needs some dog training, pet sitting or a combination of dog training and dog boarding, Aldens is the premier location in the Midwest for both.

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