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Did you know? At one time, Miley Cyrus had up to 6 dogs!

The most expensive dog: a Tibetan Mastiff goes for $2 Million in China.

When should I start putting my puppy into training?

Immediately. Training puppies can be a great advantage because it helps prevent them from developing bad habits. For dogs that are jumping on people, biting, or chewing on things, training can be a great help. There are a variety of different training programs that vary in length. Depending on your dog and their current level of obedience, individuals can decide which training program at Alden's Kennels is the best option for them.

What are the most basic commands they should know?

When first starting to train dogs, teaching them the basic commands is vital, especially if you want to get into more difficult commands later on. Teaching them how to sit, lay down, heel, and come on command will make your life much easier, especially when out in public with multiple distractions in every direction. Once your dog can handle those, then it's time to move into more complicated tricks, such as shaking and rolling over.

How can I get my puppy to listen to my commands?

Training can start small. Spend a few minutes each day going through the commands you want them to learn. Make sure that you are using a method of training that is effective. Many people use treats or a clicker method. Whatever one you go with, once they have mastered that first few minutes, you can gradually add more time to your training sessions.

What should I look for in a training facility?

Finding a training facility can cause some individuals a large amount of anxiety. Make sure that you find a facility that helps you develop a relationship with your pet, rather than a forceful use of control. This trusting relationship is vital for successful training as you can continue teaching them things throughout their lives. Experienced facilities, such as Alden's Kennels, are experienced in handling pets and have normally dealt with many of the problems that arise when training animals.

What types of training classes are there?

For dogs that are struggling with basic commands and who are jumping on people, obedience training is the option that makes the most sense. Once dogs have those mastered, other training classes can prove to be fun for both you and your dog. Obstacle training teaches the dogs how to quickly maneuver their way through a series of obstacle with their owner; it's a great option for building on the owner/pet relationship. Flyball is an entertaining game for all types of dogs. A training course teaches the dog to play the game and keeps them physically engaged.

Can old dogs really learn new tricks?

Yes! Dogs can learn tricks at any age, though it might be more difficult to break down some of their old habits. Training is about more than just teaching them how to do things. It's also about developing a relationship with the animal. They rely on your guidance and will continue listening and learning new commands down the road.