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When Gurnee pet owners head to Six Flags, it's nice to know they can leave the dog at home without fear of property damage when they return.

Why? Because Gurnee pet owners are known to take advantage of the best pet training, at the best obedience school, in the Midwest - AldensKennels.

Aldens Kennels offers a pet school that brings out the best in pets.

Starting with top-notch dogtrainers, Aldens carefully crafts each pet training experience to fit the individual needs of each dog.

Every dog has a unique personality.

They don't respond to the same obedience school program equally.

By customizing the pet training to meet the needs of the dog, rather than a pet school that demands dogs adjust to its system, pets get the most out of the program in the shortest amount of time.

One key aspect of Aldens obedience school is that they don't try to pound the lessons into the dog.

Pet training at Aldens is fun, as it should be at any pet school. It's fun because dogs learn faster and retain more when they enjoy the process.

Even owners prefer coming to an obedience school where they can have a good time.

At Aldens, pet training is offered in individual and group settings.

The pet school also offers classes at the appropriate level - puppy, beginner, intermediate and advanced.

What's more, Aldens obedience school offers a full range of disciplines, including:

For Gurnee pet owners who feel their dogs need a little away-from-home pet school training, Aldens also offers its Board & Train program.

Board & Train is a program where dogs spend a couple weeks enjoying Aldens world-class dog boarding program while attending daily pet training sessions.

The pet training is a lot of fun but so is a stay at Aldens Kennels.

To ensure that dogs staying at Aldens are not afflicted with that common scourge of many kennels - boredom - Aldens has
created an entire menu of opportunities to keep dogs engaged, including:

Nature walks on the southern boundary of beautiful Glacial Park Nature Preserve
Playtime with our expert animal care specialists

Transportation to and from spa and veterinarian appointments

(Don't have a favorite hair stylist for your dog. We work with some of the best and can arrange and facilitate the entire pampering experience for your dog)
Grooming and Baths in our own facility
Soft music at night to help our guests sleep after busy days
Special treats, including puppy approved ice cream

Gurnee pet owners are uniformly amazed when they come to pick their dogs up after a couple controlled
by a dog that has learned good manners.

Regardless of whether a Gurnee pet owner is looking for 4-Star dog boarding or the best in pettraining, the kennels and obedience school at Aldens is second to none.