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The Ideal Pet Sitting Near Chicago

Are you going out of town and are in need of quality pet sitting in Chicago area? Is your dog a big naughty and needing some dog training in Illinois? Alden Kennels provides these services plus more to satisfy all of your canine care needs! Alden Kennels' pet sitting near Chicago is famous all across the Midwest for the care and individual attention we give to each and every pup that boards with us.

Our canine clients receive plenty of food, exercise, and socializing opportunities. We are dog lovers here at Alden Kennels and give as much love and devotion to your furry friends as you do at home! In addition, our dog training in Illinois virtually knows no rivals. We know how important it is to you to have well-behaved dogs, and we take this into account when we provide our dog training in Illinois.

Tail wagging dog training in Illinois

Even though we all claim to love dogs no matter what, there's nothing worse than a badly behaved pet. At dog training in Illinois from Alden Kennels, we instill the properly canine manners is your dogs so that they'll be the well-behaved pooches that you've been dreaming of while pet sitting them in the Chicago area. We've been sculpting dogs to have immaculate all over the Midwest with our dog training in Illinois. This doesn't mean that we don't let them be dogs though.

We allow for plenty of playtime and chances to socialize with other dogs! This isn't doggie boot camp; this is the kind of dog training in Illinois that is encouraging and informative to both dogs and their owners. Both you and your dog will know the proper protocol not only for the local dog park but also for at home!

Fantastic Fido

This isn't your ordinary dog training in Illinois and pet sitting near Chicago. We're dog lovers providing the ultimate care to your fuzzy friends. When you choose Alden Kennels for pet sitting near Chicago or dog training in Illinois, you will never be disappointed. To say our services are your money's worth is an understatement, for once your dog boards or trains with us, they will return to you rejuvenated and with some new learned behaviors like sitting, heeling, and not begging! Your neighbors and friends will wonder what your secret to success is to make your dog the loveable creature he or she is. Your answer will always be pet sitting near Chicago and dog training in Illinois from Alden Kennels!