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Aldens Kennels offers the best pet training and obedience school near Mundelein, West Allis, and Waukegan since 1998. Call us today!

Don't take just anyone's word for it. Ask around. You're sure to find other pet owners in Mundelein, West Alli and Waukegan who know from experience that Aldens Kennels is the premier location for the best pet school providing the most advanced pet training in the area. When it comes to obedience school, Mundelein, West Alli and Waukegan pet owners turn to Aldens.

What makes Aldens the logical choice? It starts with the top trainers in the pet school profession. In some cases, an obedience school will rely on methods designed to force a dog into line. Not with the trainers at Aldens pet school. At Aldens, obedience school is fun and it's designed to be that way.

Aldens pet training is fun because dogs learn more and retain more when they look forward to obedience school. It doesn't hurt that Aldens tailors the pet school experience to meet the individual needs of each dog. An obedience school that runs dogs through as though on an assembly line does not provide the intimate pet training dogs and owners/handlers deserve.

At Aldens, obedience school is customized to each dog's individual needs. This further ensures that the dogs, as well as the owner or handler, enjoy the pet training experience.

To further customize the pet school experience, Aldens offers pet training in puppy, beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. The obedience school also offers a full array of disciplines, including:

  • Agility
  • Rally
  • Search and Rescue
  • Scent Detection
  • Tracking
  • CGC
  • Schutzhund
  • Obedience

From ensuring that each dog's spirit is reinforced with control, as opposed to obedience schools that set out to break a dog's spirit, the total focus of pet training at Aldens is on quality and customizable variety. They expand on both with their vaunted Board & Train program.

With Board & Train, dogs come to Aldens for world-class dog boarding while they also receive extra sessions of Aldens pet training. Board & Train is generally a two-week program though even that is adjustable to meet a dog's individual pet school needs.

Dog boarding at Aldens is also designed to offer a wide range of options. These options are also intended to ensure that a dog's time at Aldens is enjoyable. The options include:

Nature walks on the southern boundary of beautiful Glacial Park Nature Preserve
Playtime with our expert animal care specialists
Transportation to and from spa and veterinarian appointments (Don't have a favorite hairstylist for your dog. We work with some of the best and can arrange and facilitate the entire pampering experience for your dog)
Grooming and Baths in our own facility
Soft music at night to help our guests sleep after busy days

Many Mundelein, West Alli and Waukegan pet owners know there is a world of difference between living with a dog that has attended a quality obedience school and living with a dog that is running amok. At Aldens, they ensure that dogs and owners are better prepared to enjoy life together at home.

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