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Board and Train to Make Your Naughty Doggie Nice!

Dog Training and Boarding 

 June 15, 2020

Warmer weather means more time outside with our four-legged friends. But after several weeks of a stay-at-home lifestyle, your pup may need a refresher on basic training. Or perhaps stay-at-home gave the two of you time to master the basics and now your dog is ready for more advanced training. Either way, Alden’s Kennel is here to help with our customized, two-week board and train program.

Our board and train package is a boarding and coaching program where we board your dog with spacious accommodations and give them daily instruction sessions. The typical length of stay is two weeks, during which your pet will be coached for at least an hour per day in a variety of settings. Your dog will learn all the basic obedience skills, while also receiving training to address any behavioral issues. The program can also be customized to your dog to help with any specific concerns.

Safe, customary training with the experts

At Alden’s Kennel, our team of expert trainers is led by Alden Domrase. After more than 30 years as a world-class breeder of champion Pomeranians, Alden turned his attention to training dogs of all ages and breeds. Whether it’s training the family dog on basic obedience or guiding dogs through the regime to become therapy dogs, Alden is hands-on at every phase. He works with clients regularly to customize programs to meet every need.

Alden’s Kennel offers a clean, safe, spa-like retreat for your four-legged friend

And at Alden’s Kennel, the joy and comfort of your dog is as important to us as it is to you. Our state-of-the-art “pet hotel” features cedar-styled kennels with radiant heated floors to maintain the perfect climate year-round. They also feature stainless steel doggy doors so your pup can easily head to our outdoor enclosure complete with overhang to protect them from the elements.

Our pet “guests” enjoy a wide range of activities from training, playtime and nature walks. We also offer pet guests 50” HD TV’s playing 24/7 at soothing volumes for those moments when your dog just wants to relax. Most importantly, our kennels are cleaned on a daily basis. And are thoroughly cleaned in between pet guests to ensure the highest level of cleanliness possible for your pet and our staff.

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Alden’s Kennel is eager to welcome back our existing clients and greet new ones. We look forward to helping you with all of your dog training and boarding needs. Register for our board and train program today.