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Anyone who has ever hosted a dog show knows that it takes a lot of preparation and planning. From advertising to organizing volunteers, being a dog show host is a big job. Here at Alden’s Kennels, we offer dog show ground rentals in the Chicago area. Our goal is to reduce the stress of organizing a canine event by providing a well-equipped venue. Our dog show rentals venue is intended for fun matches but is also ideal for pet seminars and other specialty events.

As you plan to host your next dog show in Illinois, it is important to find a venue that is spacious and functional.  Alden’s Kennels dog show rentals in Chicago offers a 12-acre arena for outdoor events as well as a 60x98 foot indoor arena.  Our indoor open floor arena has you covered in case of inclement weather on the day of your event.  The indoor arena is also equipped with full lighting if you plan to host your dog show in the evening.  Both of our dog show rentals locations have plenty of room to set up agility courses and other event supplies.  Also, both venues are spacious enough for all of your judges, spectators, dog owners, and canine competitors.  There is also lots of parking space for all of your event guests.   If you are hosting a dog show in Illinois with several different dogs, no worries!  We have a section of our dog show rentals facility with multiple dog kennels, where your pet participants can wait before the show.

Our dog show rentals venue in Chicago offers several amenities. Our facility is equipped with restrooms for your guests. We also have a kitchen area for food storage and preparation.  At Alden’s Kennels, our goal is to help you organize your dog show or event with as few frustrations as possible.  At our dog show rentals venue, our main priority is to keep all the canine competitors safe and to help you host an incredible dog show in Illinois.

Due to the size of our venue in Illinois, it is perfect for hosting not only dog shows but other events as well.  In the past, we have held technology conferences, introductory dog courses, community classes,business workshops, and day camps.

To get more information about our dog show rentals in Chicago or to book your next event, contact us at 815-728-0559.  Be sure to book the venue early to reserve your desired day!