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You, Your Dog and Yoga

April 23, 2020

Yoga is a mind-body practice that allows you to connect on a deeper, more spiritual level with yourself through breathing and movement. It’s proven to reduce stress, improve sleep and increase strength and flexibility. It’s been around for centuries and today yoga studios offer a wide range of classes – hot yoga. Mommy and Me yoga. Even goat yoga. But what about your favorite furry friend? Surely yoga offers benefits for dogs too. The answer is a resounding “Woof!” (That’s dog for “Yes!)


“Doga” or Dog Yoga has been offered in yoga studios for quite some time. It’s a powerful and fun way for you and your dog to bond even more. When the stay-at-home mandate in Illinois is relaxed, we encourage you to Google “doga” or “dog yoga classes” for a list of studios near you that offer classes. Like other group classes, dog yoga classes give your pup valuable time to socialize with other pooches while also bonding with you.

But the beauty of yoga – and in this case doga – is you don’t need a studio-based class to strike a pose. Practice at home or even incorporate it into your next walk with the dog. Consider Crescent Lunge during your walk, squatting instead of bending to pick up a your dog’s ball, or Tree Pose while he or she is doing their business.

Whether it’s on a walk or at home, keep these tips in mind:

  • Smaller dogs be lifted during poses like Warrior I
  • Practice stretching alongside a larger dog
  • Rest together naturally during quieter poses

At-home Doga Resources

There are a variety of resources online that offer tips on incorporating your dog into your daily yoga practice. We especially like this 2015 article from HuffPost which illustrates a variety of yoga poses for you and your dog. 

If a book is more your speed, there are options there as well. Simply Google “dog yoga books” during your next online search. And then move into Downward Dog while you and your puppy await the books’ delivery.

However you decide to practice yoga with your dog, we want to know. Share your doga pictures and videos with us on social media.

Keep healthy with your dog  

At Alden’s Kennel we hope our blogs give you a stress-free break from your day, as well as some useful tips on keeping both you and your dog happy during these unusual times. Please remember to adhere to social distancing guidelines when walking your dog each day. And visit us anytime at to learn more.