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Wisconsin residents know, whether they're looking for dog training or pet sitting, or a combination of both, there's no place better than Aldens Kennels. Click here for contact information.

Whether they're looking for quality dog training, dog boarding or top-of-the-notch pet sitting, Wisconsin residents demand the best. After all, dogs are members of thefamily, too.

At Aldens Kennels, Wisconsin residents know they'll find the most highly qualified dog trainers. Aldens trainers have learned the trade at the top dog training and dog boarding schools in the country. They have mastered their skills with years of on-the-job training. They have the ability to work with virtually any dog, not matter what the behavioral issue. Aldens has dog training and dog boarding experts who specialize in a wide variety of dog training disciplines, including:

  • Schutzhund
  • Obedience
  • Agility
  • Rally
  • Search and Rescue
  • Scent Detection
  • Tracking CGC
  • Dog Boarding

Most of the classes are offered in group or private settings, as well as for beginners, intermediate and advanced students. The net result is that, whatever type of dog training or dog boarding Wisconsin residents are looking for, Aldens is the most likely to offer that type of training and with the best classes in the Midwest.

In terms of our Board & Train program, Aldens offers a unique opportunity to drop your dog off for two weeks of pet sitting and dog training. The intense dog training aspect of the program is widely enjoyed by participants. And their owners are thrilled when, returning two weeks later, they find their pet is now a refined lady or gentleman.

Dogs also discover Aldens is a favorite pet sitting option for dogs all over Wisconsin.

Aldens qualified pet-care specialists keep pens clean, quality pet sitting, water fresh and serve meals on schedule the way their guests are used to eating at home.

But, a quality pet sitting and dog boarding for wisconsin residents experience only starts with sanitation and the necessities. At Aldens, we also administer medications as prescribed for our guests. Our dog runs are newly remodeled with outdoor shade and indoor heating and cooling. Dogs enjoying the pet sitting experience at Aldens Kennels have access to go indoors and out at their leisure. Even that is not enough.

At Aldens, we offer Wisconsin residents:

Nature walks on the southern boundary of beautiful Glacial Park Nature Preserve
Playtime with our expert animal care specialists
Transportation to and from spa and veterinarian appointments (Don't have a favorite hair stylist for your dog. We work with some of the best and can arrange and facilitate the entire pampering experience for your dog)
Grooming and Baths in our own facility
Soft music at night to help our guests sleep after busy days

We have a wide variety of doggy toys while we are pet sitting your dog. Our guests love picking through to find their personal favorite.

At many kennels in Wisconsin, pet sitting is like a short prison sentence. Not at Aldens Kennels. With all the activities and amenities Aldens offers, our guests are usually ready for a good night's sleep as we pipe in soft strains of classical music while dog boarding. We like to think of it as your dog's vacation while you're on vacation. Everybody has a great time.