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Advanced Obedience Course 6 wk session $150.

This is probably one of the most exciting courses Alden’s Kennel offers  for advanced owners and trainers. This class is for all dogs who have completed Alden’s Kennel’s Beginners Obedience Course and Intermediate Obedience Course, or for dogs that have completed something of equal to the Intermediate Obedience Course from somewhere else. This course will get all dogs and owners ready to compete at higher levels and get higher scores than they ever imagined. Its also a great course for devoted pet owners who have no interest in competing but want to continue to increase their dog’s capabilities, retain their manners, and keep an active lifestyle. We hope that everyone takes interest in this class, because we are very excited to introduce this well constructed course.

Are you and your pet ready? This is off leash work, You must be able to do AKC Novice Pattern, group sit-stay down-stay and stand-stay and come. In this next session we work on retrieve, jumps, and send outs, with a down command at anytime during exercise.

This is a 6 week class one hour a session, some video education is done, Price is $150. a discount is given if prior classes have been taken. We will be practicing the AKC Open Pattern.

We have equipment for Therapy Dogs and we will introduce your pet to wheele chairs, walkers, and crutches. If you are intresested you can join our cgc and therapy classes.

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