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Pet Adoption in the Time of Covid-19

May 13, 2020

Rescue puppy waiting to be adopted

For many of us, our dogs are the perfect companion. Fun, playful, warm and cuddly. Always available for game of fetch or a reassuring nuzzle. As the United States continues to navigate through the covid-19 pandemic and its repercussions, it should be no surprise that households without a dog already – and many with dogs – have turned to pet adoption and fostering. In fact, since stay-at-home orders took effect across the country in mid-March, some estimates have pet adoption and rescue rates increasing by nearly 30%.

You may ask, “why?” and the answers are varied. For some, who now find themselves working from home, they finally have the time and bandwidth to welcome a pet into their home. For others it’s an opportunity to do something meaningful during a confusing and stressful time, or to help allay feelings of loss and isolation. Regardless of the reason, adopting or fostering a dog is a wonderful choice with benefits for both the dog and you!

The Many Benefits of Dog Rescue

It’s nearly impossible to list all the benefits – tangible and intangible – of adopting a rescue dog. We’ve narrowed it down to our Top Five.

  • Reason 5: Save a dog’s life
    When you adopt or foster a rescue dog, you give him or her a second chance at a long, happy life. Unfortunately, many shelter dogs are euthanized in order to make room for new arrivals. It’s sad but true. So, when you adopt a shelter dog, you’re not only saving the life of the dog you bring home, you’re opening up a new spot at the shelter for a dog that needs a temporary home. Win-win!

  • Reason 4: Economical investment, fully documented
    While the decision to bring a dog into your family is made with the heart, you also have to be aware of the wallet factors. Adoption fees are reasonable, especially compared to the price you pay when you buy a dog from breeders. Buying a purebred dog from a reputable breeder can cost anywhere from $500-$3,000 depending on the breed and does not include the fees for shots, microchips and spaying/neutering.

    By contrast, adoption fees range from $50 to $300 for a fully screened dog. In most cases, rescue dogs have to be fully vaccinated and spayed or neutered before they can be adopted. Most also go through behavioral assessments in order to determine how they behave around food and other animals. Some animal shelters will even throw in extras, like a free bag of food or even collars and leashes in some cases.

  • Reason 3: Have your pick of litter, so to speak
    A lot of people choose not to adopt a dog because they want a specific breed and don’t think they can find that in a shelter or rescue. However, there are many breed-specific rescues throughout the country. You simply have to search online for one near you or consult your local chapter of the ASPCA for shelters in your area. If a specific breed isn’t important to you, shelters offer a variety of beautiful, one-of-a-kind mixes ranging in age from puppy to adult and senior dogs.

  • Reason 2: Foster First for the Best Fit
    If you’re still debating whether or not to rescue a dog, we suggest fostering one. This will give you great experience and help you determine if you’re truly ready to adopt. Many ASPCA shelters and other rescues offer foster to adopt programs and this really can be the best way to make sure a dog fits with you, your family and your lifestyle before making the decision to adopt him or her.

    When talking with a shelter about a rescue, be sure to ask plenty of questions (they are there to help you!) and provide them with a list of qualities you’re looking for in a dog, as well as any restrictions you may have such as allergies or size requirements if you’re an apartment or condo dweller. Many adoption centers now have matching programs to help you find the perfect pup.

  • Reason 1: A lifetime of love
    We’ve already covered the fact that dogs of every breed, size and age offer their owners unconditional love, comfort and friendship. But anyone who works with dogs for a living will tell you, the love and gratitude shown by a rescue dog is something truly special. Rescue dogs instinctively know you’ve given them a second chance at a happy home. And they’ll spend the rest of their lives showing you how much they appreciate you and your family providing them with the attention, food, training, care and love they crave. And really, how can you say “no” to that?!

Let us help you with your new best friend.

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