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Halloween Safety Tips for Pets

Have a Ghoulishly good Halloween with Your Dog!

A dog wearing a halloween costume

By Kelley O'Toole
October 29, 2019

Tricks and treats. Chills and thrills. Halloween is a fun holiday for humans. But when it comes to your pets, it can easily be a frightful event. Read on for five Halloween pet safety tips.

  1. Have proper identification
    Even the most innocent-looking princess or law-abiding caped crusader can send your normally well-behaved dog into a frenzy when they come to the door gleefully yelling, “Trick or Treat!” A cracked door begins to look like the perfect escape route to your unsettled dog. In the event that he or she slips out, it’s crucial they have visible identification so they can make their way back home with the help of a Good Samaritan.

    Collars and tags are ideal, but microchips offer permanent identification should your dog’s collar or tag fall off. Just make sure the information is current. Use Halloween as a yearly reminder to double check your address and phone number on tags and with the company who supports pet microchips.

  2. Treat do’s and don’ts
    Avoid placing candy on low-lying spots like coffee tables, chairs or even a step on your staircase. When any dog decides he wants to play with or investigate whatever is making that crinkly sound, nothing will stop them. All forms of chocolate can be dangerous, even lethal, for your dog. The artificial sweetener found in many treats is also a danger to your pup. Be sure to have lots of dog-friendly treats – including apples or carrots – around to reward your pooch for good behavior.

    One last note on this topic. If you’re hosting a Halloween fete, be conscious of where you place fall-inspired cocktails and pumpkin beer. Alcoholic beverages are also potentially lethal to dogs.
  3. Pet-friendly decorating

    These may seem like obvious tips, but just in case…

    • Keep your dog away from decorations with open flames, like candlelit jack-o-lanterns. One misplaced tail wag and your Halloween could go up in smoke.
    • Beware of chew-hazards. Electrical cables can give your dog a possibly life-threatening shock or a severe burn. Even batteries can cause chemical burns. And while glow sticks can keep your kids safe on Halloween, they’re no treat for your dog. The liquid inside is non-toxic but may cause your dog discomfort, excessive drooling, agitation and even vomiting.
    • Decoration placement is key. Building on the tip above, mindful placement of decorations ranging from small gourds to fake cobwebs with spiders and even autumnal scarecrows can help ensure your dog doesn’t nibble or gnaw on them.

  1. Do a costume dress rehearsal
    If your four-legged friend is joining the fun on Halloween with their own costume, be sure to do a dry-run before the big night so he or she can get used to it. You don’t want any costume that will impair your dogs’ ability to see, walk or breathe. If he or she seems distressed or has a skin reaction to the selected costume, let them go au natural or wear a fun neck bandana.


  1. Take the right precautions
    If your dog is easily excitable or gets skittish around large groups of people or commotion, you’ll want to practice pre-Halloween stress-reduction. Be sure he or she gets plenty of exercise earlier in the day. This will help tire them out and take the edge off of evening festivities like the doorbell ringing every five minutes with Trick or Treaters. Also be sure they have their favorite toy or bone to gnaw on throughout the night as a distraction.


Keeping these simple tips in mind can help ensure you, your family and your dog all have a frightfully fun time.

Aldens Kennels wishes you and your pets a spook-tacular Halloween! We offer a variety of dog training classes on topics ranging from obedience to agility and training for therapy dogs. Visit us year-round at