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Fitness Program for Dogs: Treadmill and Diet

Do you have a highly active dog full of energy? Do you find it hard to exercise your pet in winter months when there is snow, ice or just cold weather? Is your dog getting to be a couch potato? We can help with that exercise to accomplish an easier way, with a treadmill. Wheather it is too hot or too cold, your couch potato can exercise indoors, for your comfort and theirs. We give private lessons to teach your pet to love the treadmill and to use it safely, or you can plan it in your pets vacation at Alden's Kennels to keep "Rex" busy and in shape while you are away. The treadmill is $10.00 a day while boarding if your pet already knows the routine. Training while boarding is $25.00 for a lesson. Private training for you and your pet is the standard private lesson rate of $70.00 an hour.