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Board and Train is multi-tasking for dogs and their owners

Sign your dog up for some training while they’re boarded in style!

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January 10, 2020

Time, that’s the issue. You love your new dog, but your patience still runs thin from time to time, such as times when their behavior is a problem. Still, if you think about it, it’s not their fault. Your dog is doing what comes naturally. The blame actually rests with you and that brings you back to the issue of time.

You don’t have time to train your dog. If you did, you would have already. Life is hectic. You are constantly forced to make choices on how you’ll use your time. As much as you’d like to have a well-trained dog, somehow your time is challenged by other priorities. There is a solution – Board and Train.

Board and Train is really multi-tasking for dogs and dog owners. You multi-task in other areas of your life, don’t you? Just think of the ways you multi-task:

  • You do housework while speaking on the phone
  • You watch television while exercising
  • You listen to audio books while driving
  • You stop at the store on the way to pick your child up from school
  • You plan your day while you shower in the morning

If you think about it, you’ve made an art of multi-tasking. Why not apply that skill to living with your dog? How can Board and Train fit into your multi-tasking approach to time? That depends on what you do while your dog is boarded – while your dog is trained.

Suppose you’ll have an exceptionally busy time at work. A big project is coming to a head and you’ll need to put even more time than usual into your work. You won’t have time for the dog. Why not enroll the dog in Board & Train? While you’re busy, your dog is enjoying a stay at a swank dog resort and taking a fun and intense training program.

Better yet, maybe you should make some time for yourself – a vacation. Go to Hawaii, Alaska, Bora Bora, Naples or even the Wisconsin Dells. Wherever you go, while you’re gone, sign your dog up for some dog training while they’re boarded in style.

Whatever you do with the time while your dog is at Board and Train, when you pick your dog up, you’ll bring a different dog back home – a better-trained, better-behaved, more socially acceptable dog. Now, that’s multi-tasking is supposed to work.