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At Alden’s Kennels we know how to treat our guests right.  We go out of our way to ensure that every dog that stays with us receives the quality care and attention they deserve.  Our care and attention go far beyond only our paying customers. As a proud supporter of  local rescue programs we have have had the opportunity to help many homeless dogs to have a comfortable bed and a well balanced diet.  As a way of supporting these dogs, Alden’s Kennels designates a portion of their boarding space to be used for providing homeless dogs a place to stay.  

Many of the rescue dogs arrive in less than ideal condition.  During their stay each dog is treated and carefully nursed back to health. They are given the medical attention and care required to reach a healthy recovery.  Once they have become fully healthy and functional the K9s are then able to be adopted out to a loving home.  

During our time working with these wonderful animals it has become apparent how much more help is needed. Our focus has changed to caring for the dogs that have been adopted, and the new owners fear of leaving them in a kennel thinking they will be abandon again. These new pets have so many comforts and caring staff with them they will not feel like they are confined in a holding facility.

The pet owner can plan many activities to keep their new rescue dog busy while away, we have 50 inch screen TV's for all our guests 24 hours a day, we can have nature walks, and individual playtimes, an excerise class on a treadmill, a group playtime with their doggy friends if their owner so plans. We can do a daily training lesson or have them attend a group class lesson while vacationing at Alden's Kennels, do you like the thought of a field trip to a local spa for a peppermint bath or a blueberry facial, and a pedicure it can be arranged. We will make you pet feel like it is on vacation instead of being in confinement.