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Pet Safety Tips for New Year’s Eve

Have a howling good new year!

December 27, 2019

Big parties. Countdowns. Corks popping. Noise makers and fireworks. The essentials for a Happy New Year for us humans. But not necessarily the ideal for our furry friends. In fact, all the celebratory elements we love can be downright frightening for your pet. But a few simple pre-cautions and a little planning can help make this a happy New Year celebration for you and your pets.

  1. Update identification tags.

    The new year is always a great time to update critical personal information – for you and your pet. This is especially important for your pet. Whether you’re hosting a New Year’s Eve bash or wall-to-wall football on New Year’s Day, as the door to your home opens frequently to welcome or say farewell to guests, the biggest risk for your dog is them dashing out the door and getting lost. Make sure your pet’s license is current, he or she is microchipped and wearing their identification tags. Take the extra step of contacting your microchip company to ensure they have your current address and phone numbers. If your dog isn’t microchipped and you’re interested in learning more, ask your veterinarian for details. 

  2. Create a quiet, calm space.

    In mid-December we shared with you “Five Tips for a Successful Holiday Party with Your Pet”. Tip #4 discussed creating a puppy party zone where your dog can enjoy the evening without the commotion a party can bring. This is true as well as for New Year-related events. Create a quiet, calm space just for your dog, placing their food and water bowls plus a few of his or her favorite toys in a separate space in your home away from the New Year’s festivities and high traffic areas like the front door, kitchen and bathroom. Be sure to include their dog bed and favorite cuddle blanket. If you’re planning on noise makers or fireworks at the stroke of midnight, you might even consider a thunder shirt for your dog to comfort him or her. Don’t forget to check on your puppy regularly and take them out for regular bathroom breaks.

  3. Keep pets inside.

    Keep Fido or Fluffy in a safe, secure enclosed room at home. Preferably one without windows and off-limits to your New Year party guests. As we mentioned above, if you are keeping your dog in a separate room, be sure to stock it with plenty of water, food and their favorite toys. If you plan to let your dog join the revelry, be sure to keep them away from noisemakers and fireworks. Even if your dog doesn’t seem bothered by the noise these items create, they can still cause your dog harm. Avoid potential burns, injuries, or possible ingestion by keeping all pets out of the vicinity of celebratory noisemakers and fireworks.

Have a Happy New Year!

We hope our pet blogs have helped you and your pets enjoy a wonderful holiday season. We look forward to sharing more tips, tools and thoughts with you in 2020. And visit us anytime at