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Intermediate Class Exercises

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Intermediate Obedience Classes

A 6-week course of 1 hour classes for $150

Have you completed the Beginners Obedience Course and want to take the next step? Then the Intermediate Obedience Course is perfect for you. This training is ideal for dogs that are reaching their “teenage” stage of development, and will help them socialize with peers, improve their behavior, and adjust to the proper dynamic with their family as they mature. To attend this class, you and your dog must have mastered the skills taught in the Beginners Obedience Course. We give free evaluations for anyone that would like to enroll in the course. Here is what you and your dog will be working on each week:


Skills Taught

Class Duration


After a brief introduction between classmates, we will cover the class rules and then hit the ground running from where the Beginners course left off. The first goal will be to get the dogs working more loyally in heeling procedures. By improving on this aspect of their behavior and training, we will be able to begin working with them with off-leash healing. We also reinforce off-leash recalls.

1 hour


For this week's class, we will begin with answering questions and working through problems your dog experienced during the week. We will follow this process each class during the course. From there we will shift to working with them to stand and stay while increasing the distance with sits and downs, and heel off leash. Some jumps will be added: the high jump and broad jumps at low levels.

1 hour


Following the questions and problems section of the class, we will begin a much more challenging aspect of the heeling process. We will start learning how to give your commands and procedures quicker and better. By focusing on giving better commands, your skills will become more advanced while the dog’s attention will also improve. Through this type of training, you and your dog will begin to work more as a team. We will also continue to work on sit, down, and stand stays, while adding the send out command.

1 hour


If you are still dealing with questions and problems, this week should help end the frustration. With the introduction of more procedures, your dog's attention is sure to improve while working with heeling off-leash. We will also use several additions including high jump, broad jump, fast, slow, about turn, and U-turn that make figure-eights even more impactful. In addition, we will work off-leash on sits and downs.

1 hour


After the questions and problems section, things will get interesting. We will be taking turns with the dogs individually to demonstrate how responsive each dog is to the training. We will practice AKC novice companion dog ring exercise, first the pattern on-leash followed by off-leash. The rest of the class will be spent working on improving any areas each dog fell short during the off-leash work. We will also work on improving distance with standing stays.

1 hour


Graduation Day!!!

In this final class, we will begin looking at the American Kennel Club (AKC) ring procedures and rules. Next, we will look more in-depth at your goals and determine if you are wanting to compete or just want an obedient companion. At the completion of this class you should be a confident trainer ready to make the next step: our Advanced Training Course. Your pet must be completely off-leash for the next class. This class has so much to offer in practice, and many choose to repeat it.

1 hour

At the completion of this course, you and your dog should have learned good communication with each other. The dog should be demonstrating quality behavior. From here, it’s time to decide the path that best suits you and your dog. It could be competing in shows, or simply working on improving behavior even more. The goal for most people is to reach excellent off-leash control.