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Aldens Kennels is the premier location for dog training and dog boarding in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area.

How many dogs live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin? How many of them know how to come when called, or how to sit and stay? In some cases, dog owners would consider it a wonderful thing if their dog simply had the dog training and dog boarding to do its business outdoors rather than indoors. A short drive southwest of Milwaukee, Wisconsin will bring a dog and its owner to the wrought iron gate and the entrance to Aldens Kennels in Chicgo, Illinois.

We pamper your dog with the best possible training provided by the top dog trainers in the region. Since 1999, we have offered dog training with trainers we bring in from around the country, all carefully selected for their superior ability in dog training.

At Aldens Kennels, we match dog training excellence with top quality dog boarding in our newly remodeled dog kennels. In fact, we offer an opportunity to combine the two with or Board & Train program, where an owner drops off their dog for a couple weeks of relaxation mixed with an intensive training experience.

Aldens Kennels offers mix of expertise and options in dog training in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Aldens Kennels has expert trainers that provide private and group lessons in obedience, agility, conformation, puppy imprinting, agility, behavior modification, Schutzhund, dog boarding and more for Milwaukee, Wisconsin residents. They have classes for dogs that need a lot of training, dogs that are ready for intermediate and advanced classes. Whatever your dog's needs, we have a training program that fits at Aldens Kennels.

Aldens Kennels offers home-away-from-home boarding experience

At Aldens Kennels, we newly remodeled kennels, near the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area, are kept clean for our clients who want dog boarding. Additionally, the dietary schedule and menu your dog is used to will continue while your pet stays in our kennels. In fact, at Aldens Kennels, on the southern edge of Glacier Ridge Nature Park, we offer your dog a unique experience while staying in our kennels that includes nature walks and regular attention from our staff.

Aldens Kennels provides the kind of attention to Milwaukee, Wisconsin residents your dog deserves because we love dogs, too

Kennels can't keep pens clean if the staff is not paying attention just as the level of dog training and dog boarding will suffer if the one providing the dog training isn't passionate about what they do. At Aldens Kennels, our staff is chosen as much for their love of animals as for their knowledge and experience for dog boarding in for Milwaukee, Wisconsin residents. Whether simply dog boarding at our kennels as a guest, or developing superior doggy etiquette while dog training with us, your pet deserves our best. We wouldn't have it any other way.