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Beginners Dog Agility Training Course

6 Week Course

Have you and your dog gone through traditional training courses and feel like it’s time to find something more enjoyable?  A course in agility might be the perfect answer for both of you.  Our Class size requirement is as little as six and as many as ten. Agility training consists of a complex set of obstacles that you and your dog will develop the ability to complete quickly and accurately.  This introductory class will help you learn fun and creative activities to do.  While it's much more fun, the training will also prepare both of you for competitive agility contests and other competitions. At the completion of this course you and your dog will be able to perform multiple obstacles with precision. Through the course, you will have built the foundation to start entering competitions or just have more fun at the park. We encourage practice at home in your yard for fun; if competition is in your future we recommend Wags Agility Club in Spring Grove for your continual training to the levels you wish to achieve.

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