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Beginners Dog Agility Training Course

6 Week Course

Have you and your dog gone through traditional training courses and feel like it’s time to find something more enjoyable?  A course in agility might be the perfect answer for both of you.  Agility training consists of a complex set of obstacles that you and your dog will develop the ability to complete quickly and accurately.  This introductory class will help you learn fun and creative activities to do.  While it's much more fun, the training will also prepare both of you for competitive agility contests and other competitions. 



Skills Taught

Class Duration


We will begin with a brief introduction of the owners and the dogs.  Following the introductions there will be a review of the class rules.  Then we will establish individual goals for each owner and dog team to complete during the course.  Since this class is designed to teach agility we will jump right in by working on jumps, broad jumps, weave poles, and tunnel.

1 hour


After answering questions and reviewing what we learned in week 1 we will focus on a couple of specialized skills.  The two skills we will begin with is the dog walk and A-Frame.  These will help form the base for improving each dog’s agility and speed.

1 hour


Once the questions have are answered and we have reviewed last weeks work on the dog walk and A-Frame we will then begin work on the See-Saw and the Closed Tunnel (Chute).  These will build on what they have already learned with the dog walk and A-Frame.

1 hour


Following the established pattern we will answer questions and address any issues that have come up so far.  After the review and practice of the See-Saw and the Closed Tunnel (Chute), the next skills will be the tire jump and the pause table.

1 hour


This is where things get a little more fun.  After the question and review section, we will be setting up a small agility course and find out what our dogs are capable of and which areas need attention.  

1 hour


<>Graduation Day!!!

For the final week we will be doing a final course.  Each dog will be timed and graded based on how they run the course.  It will give them the chance be evaluated under the pressure of competition.  There will be prizes awarded for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place finishers.  

1 hour

At the completion of this course you and your dog will be able to perform multiple obstacles with precision.  Through the course, you will have built the foundation to start entering competitions or just have more fun at the park.