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Cats are Purr-fectly Pampered at Alden's Kennels

If you’re going to be away from home for an extended period, your kitty is going to need a place to stay while you’re gone! Some cats are ok at home for a day or two as long as they have food and water, but longer absences will require someone to take care of them. And cats need more than just something to eat and a clean litter box - they need attention and affection, even if they sometimes act like they don’t.

That’s why Alden’s Kennels offers affordable cat boarding. Our feline guests have a comfortable place to sleep, activities and stimuli to keep them from getting bored, and a friendly staff on hand to look after them. Our boarding cattery serving northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin gives you a place to bring your cat for the very best in feline care - giving you the peace of mind to enjoy your time away from home without worrying about your cat.


We Help Your Kitty Adjust

Some cats struggle to adjust to changes in their environment. It can be a very difficult process. However, new experiences can be more pleasant for felines when associated with “food, treats, play, petting, or other positive activities” (Estep & Hetts, Ph.D). Here at our cat hotel in Illinois, we strive to reduce any stress for your pet by pampering them with pleasant, positive stimuli. Our staff has created a unique setting that gives your feline a combination of personal and interactive time. One section of each cat housing condo is a private and quiet setting, where your pet can feel free to groom, nap, or play. Each cat hotel condo is complete with a comfortable bed, a hammock, and engaging toys.


The Royal Treatment

The feline guests at our cat hotel have a wide variety of options for amusement. The top two floors of the cat hotel have windows for viewing entertaining DVDs or television programs, which we’ve found helps prevent boredom and makes them more comfortable. In our cat housing facility, we also have an area dedicated to playtime. This area has plenty of space for your pets to roam and to play with toys and ropes. The play area also has an up-close view of a goldfish tank.


Worry-Free Pet Care

Does your cat have special medical needs, like a daily medication or special diet? With Alden’s Kennels cat day care staff, you can rest assured that your pet will receive the highest level of care. Each cat hotel staff member will administer your feline’s medications at no additional costs. Alden’s Kennels also provides a large variety of food for your pet to choose from, including salmon, white fish, cod, shrimp, tuna, chicken, liver, and a seafood platter.

Cat Boarding Details

Alden’s Kennels Cat Hotel in Illinois is open Monday through Friday from 9AM to 6PM, Saturday from 9AM to 3PM, and Sunday from 11AM to 3PM. We are closed on holidays. Our rooms for cats are $25 a day and $5 each play time.

For more information regarding our cat hotel in Illinois or to schedule your feline’s stay, please contact our cat day care staff at 815-728-0559. We are confident that your pet will have an enjoyable time!

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