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Beginner's Obedience Classes $150.

6 Week Course Starts 

Getting a dog trained early can provide better behavior throughout their entire life.  The beginner’s obedience class is the perfect place to start you and your dog off right.  By attending the 6-week training course will help pet to be more socialized, obedient, and loyal.  The puppies aren’t the only ones that will benefit from the classes either.  The owners will also learn how to interact better and communicate with their new companions.  Here is how the 6-week class will break down:


Skills Taught

Class Duration


After a brief introduction between classmates we will cover the class rules, clean-up, and responsible dog ownership.  From there we will talk about the training collar you feel comfortable with. Once each dog is ready to go we will work on correct lead position and transition that into walking with a loose lead.  We will begin training by teaching the dog to walk.

1 hour


Continuing to build on the basics, we will first revisit walking on a loose lead and getting the dog to sit on command, we use both verbale and hand signals. Trying to build on that we will work on about turns and u-turns while using the healing pattern.  As the dogs become comfortable with this, they will do repetion on voice commands & hand signals with sit, stay.

1 hour


We will begin by helping the dogs (and owners) to build on the previous class we will again practice walking with a loose lead, about turns, and u-turns while adding in circle right and circle left turns to the healing pattern as well.  We will also practice sit and down staying on command and with some distractions.

1 hour


This class will continue to improve the healing pattern while doing u-turns, about turns, and circles (both left and right).  We will add recalls and timmed sits and downs. How does your pet great people and other dogs, we will help you give confidence to yourself and your pet in different situations.

1 hour


As the class nears the end, we will be taking questions and working on any areas your dog might be struggling in.  We will continue getting the healing pattern perfected and also be working on social behaviors. We will circle dogs with men, women, and other classmate dogs, to see if they are comfortable in these situations.

1 hour


Graduation Day!!!

The final class will have tests that show the improvements of your pets.  The dogs that receive a passing score will qualify to move on to their next the next level - Intermediate Obedience.


 Through this course, your communication with your dog will improve forming the basis for their entire life.  It also forms a tremendous foundation for more in-depth training in the future.  Once your dog has successfully completed this course they will be able to walk comfortably on a loose lead next to you while following basic commands.  They will also respond to verbal and hand commands such as “sit”, “stay”, and “lay down” with practice at home.